Blogging Before Breakfast: Serena van der Woodsen’s Bedroom

In my post, Blogging Before Breakfast Blair’s Boudoir, we got to go inside Blair Waldorf’s bedroom.  Now we get to go inside Serena van der Woodsen’s bedroom.  In the article Gossip Girl Set: Get the Look I learned that the set designer wanted Serena’s bedroom to reflect her personality,  “‘her room shows a confident, eclectic mix of funky new and classic vintage items’” says Weeks, who decorated with bold patterns and metallic accents. “I wanted it to express her character: effortlessly beautiful and self-assured.”  The paintings in Serena’s room are purchased from the Art Production Fund (APF), “a non profit organization dedicated to helping artists realize difficult-to-produce works, reaching new audiences and expanding public participation and understanding of contemporary art.”  Check out InStyle’s 360 Degree Gossip Girl Set Tour for an all access view of Serena’s bedroom.


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